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The autoConform® Software Suite comprises six software modules.

supports configuring the autoConform® Software Suite project-specifically as well as creating and updating 

  • the Sytem Definition,
  • the System Models (including a System Model Information file),


  • all Interface Specifications.

supports Hazard Analyses, Inductive Model Analyses (e.g. FMEA/FMECA),  Deductive Model Analyses (e.g. FTA), and Dependent Failure Analyses.

supports quantitative reliability and availability calculations.

supports the formulation of unambiguous, natural language requirements and design specifications.

supports the generation of integration test specifications and requirements-based test case specifications, the automatic setting up and execution of functional tests as Model-in-the-Loop (MiL) tests, and the generation of MiL test case reports.


supports the generation of further documents and summarizing reports.

Note that all natural language outputs of the autoConform® Software Suite are in English only. No other languages are supported.